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A few words about DIRIJOR

DIRIJOR is asset and maintenance management software that helps to replace spreadsheets, expensive scanners, and costly software for real-time asset tracking and maintenance management. Our system is one of the most flexible and customizable systems available in the industry. In addition to assets and maintenance management, it optimizes and streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management to calibration tracking and so much more.

Gain freedom from spreadsheets with a centralized platform that grants easy access to everyone in your organization. Use custom fields to track data points like mileage, cost, or anything you can imagine.

We’ve made sure that our solution is a modern, intuitive, and efficient asset and maintenance management system that is proven to simplify the workflow process.


Why DIRIJOR is different?

Precise documentation

Having access to a full work order history on all of your assets encures consistency around assets documentation.

Reduce asset downtime and costs

Beautifully designed dashboards allows for better equipment tracking to downtime costs.

Seamless communication

Create new work orders based on incoming requests and quickly assign them to the right emlpoyee.

Optimize maintenance work processes

Build preventive and prescriptive approaches for your journey to predictive maintenance.

Leverage embedded industry expertise

Use best-practice industry data models and workflows to accelerate your industry transformation.

Custom notifications

Keep everyone informed automatically for improved efficiency and planning.

Custom workflow actions

Enhance your workflows for faster and easier asset updates and management.

Role-based access

Enhanced data security and simple onboarding for any job function.

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