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Manage your portfolio according to your strategy.


Project Portfolio Management capabilities

Easy to use

Intuitive to learn and easy to integrate into any organization

Based on best practices

Based on best project portfolio management frameworks and practices


All information you need in one central integerated solution

Multilingual and customizable

Highly configurable tailored to your needs

Flexible dashboards

Real time project and portfolio dashboards with customisable widgets

Availability from everywhere

Access to system anytime and anywhere with modern web-based application

Combine all projects in one place

View and manage all of your organization’s portfolios and programs in a single, user-friendly tool that adapts to your business methodologies.

With Lapis PPM you can create your program to support your transformation targets and focus on strategic goals and/or benefits rather than on delivery.

Align and analyze your project portfolio

Portfolio management allows you to quickly visualize the health and status of any portfolio/program of projects and instantly see how well your organization is doing against its strategic objectives.

As new project demands arise, you can easily analyze the possible benefits, costs, and risks of converting ideas into approved projects, so you’re continuously aligning the portfolio with the overall strategy and goals of the organization.

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